Friday November 9, 2007
2 PM
Room 245 - 110 Cummington St.

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"Bio-Acoustic-MEMS in Medicine: Rare-Cell Encapsulation in Acoustic Picoliter Droplets "
Utkan Demirci

Acoustic and microfluidic technologies are powerful when used simultaneously to create innovative solutions to real world problems in medicine and biotechnology. We will present how the merger of two novel technologies: (i) cell encapsulating acoustic picoliter droplets; (ii) rare cell capturing microfluidic channels, can create impact and solutions in medicine. First, we will demonstrate cell encapsulation in acoustic picoliter droplets for cell by cell direct tissue printing. Then, we will present, how microfluidic technologies for rare cell capture can offer point-of-care diagnostic solutions to global health problems such as "Inexpensive CD4 T-cell Counting Microfluidic Chip for HIV Diagnosis". Finally, we will show a unique merger of these two technologies for genomic analysis of single to few cells.

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