Friday October 12, 2007
11 AM
Room 245, 110 Cummington Street

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"The stochastic dynamics of arrays of micro and nanoscale cantilevers in a viscous fluid -- fluctuations from dissipation"
Mark Paul

The hydrodynamic correlations of the stochastic motion of an array of closely spaced micro and nanoscale elastic cantilevers in a viscous fluid are explored. A thermodynamic approach using the fluctuation-dissipation theorem is discussed and it is shown that the stochastic cantilever dynamics can be determined from straightforward deterministic calculations. Using this approach the stochastic dynamics for two cantilever configurations of possible experimental interest are quantified. Absolute predictions of the auto and cross-correlations of the equilibrium fluctuations in cantilever displacement are used to yield limits on the force and time scales of operation for a correlation detection method. The cross correlations in cantilever displacement reveal interesting dynamics that are explained using the thermodynamic approach as the interplay between the viscous and potential fluid dynamics around an oscillating object at low Reynolds number.

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