Wednesday April 18, 2007
4 PM
PHO 339

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"Dynamics of nonlinear coupled nanomechanical resonators"
Prof. Ron Lifshitz
Tel Aviv University (currently at CalTech)

We are studying the dynamics of nonlinear coupled resonators, motivated by recent experiments with arrays of micromechanical and nanomechanical resonators at Caltech and Cornell. We have obtained exact results for the parametric excitation of small arrays using secular perturbation theory, as well as an amplitude equation to describe the slow dynamics of the parametric excitation of large arrays. I will focus on these results to explain the intricate experimentally-observed response curves, and to suggest further experiments. If time permits, I will either say a few words about our model of synchronization, which is based on reactive coupling and nonlinear frequency pulling (rather than the more common linear dissipative models), or describe some ongoing experiments in collaboration with Karabalin and Roukes. Website

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