Friday October 20, 2006
8 AM
9th Floor Photonics Center

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"Biomaterials for Sensors, Implants and Regenerative Medicine"
Prof. Catherine M. Klapperich
Boston University

This Emerging Technology Seminar will focus on the discovery, development and characterization of biomaterials. A fundamental challenge in bringing biomedical devices to market is defining appropriate material interfaces that impart the necessary specificity and efficiency for a particular application. These issues are important for devices meant to operate both inside and outside of the body. Specialized surfaces and materials are required for long term function of implants designed to actively interface with the body and sensors designed to monitor a particular biological function in real time /in vivo/. Similar challenges are encountered/ in vitro /when patient samples contact diagnostic devices; the sample-biomaterial interface is crucial to many detection strategies. In order for biological responses to materials to be a useful design variable, these responses must be quantifiable, and the signaling pathways involved must be understood. Several academic speakers will cover current challenges and advances in biocompatibility, sensor design, tissue engineering, drug delivery and microfluidic diagnostics. http://www.bu.edu/mfg/programs/outreach/etseminars/index.shtml

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