Friday October 15, 2010
3 PM
PHO 901

"Co-opting Moore’s Law: Vaccines, Medicines and Biological Particles Made on a Wafer"
Joe DeSimone

Tuesday September 21, 2010
4 PM
44 Cummington St. Room 203

"From State to Function: On Acoustic Microfluidics for Blood Clotting and Einstein’s view on Interfaces, Ion Channels and Nerves"
Prof. Matthias Schneider
Boston University

Friday November 6, 2009
3 PM
15 Saint Mary's Street, Rm 105

"Bridging Organic Synthesis and Nanoscience"
Prof. Ramesh Jasti
Boston University

Wednesday September 30, 2009
4 PM
PHO 339

"Excitable two dimensional films: Lab on a Chip, Blood Clotting and the Physics of Nerves"
Prof. Matthias Schneider
Boston University

Tuesday April 28, 2009
4 PM
X715 - 650 Albany Street (MED)

"Nanomedicine Seminar III - Nanoparticles for detection of cardiovascular disease and Nanofibrous scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering"
Prof. Joyce Wong
Boston University

Thursday April 23, 2009
12 PM
Evans Wilkins Board Room 1-120 (MED)

"Nanomedicine Seminar II - Engineering Nanoparticles for Localized Noninvasive Cancer Therapy"
Prof. Tyrone M. Porter
Boston University

Wednesday April 1, 2009
12 PM
L504 - 80 East Concord Street (MED)

"Nanomedicine Seminar I - Biosensing: Label-free Microarrays for proteomics and genomics"
Prof. M. Selim Ünlü
Boston University

Friday March 6, 2009
1 PM
PHO 203

"Mechanical regulation of biological adhesion"
Dr. Wendy Thomas

Friday November 14, 2008
3 PM
PHO 901

"Ionic Electrets and Contact Electrification"
George M Whitesides

Friday October 17, 2008
4 PM

"Regenerative catalytic rare earth nanoparticles as therapeutics"
Prof. Sudipta Seal
University of Central Florida

Tuesday August 26, 2008
5 PM
PHO 339

"Molecular Biomimetics: Genetically-Engineered Molecular Materials for Technology & Medicine"
Prof. Mehmet Sarikaya
University of Washington

Friday November 9, 2007
2 PM
Room 245 - 110 Cummington St.

"Bio-Acoustic-MEMS in Medicine: Rare-Cell Encapsulation in Acoustic Picoliter Droplets "
Utkan Demirci

Friday October 12, 2007
11 AM
Room 245, 110 Cummington Street

"The stochastic dynamics of arrays of micro and nanoscale cantilevers in a viscous fluid -- fluctuations from dissipation"
Mark Paul

Wednesday April 18, 2007
4 PM
PHO 339

"Dynamics of nonlinear coupled nanomechanical resonators"
Prof. Ron Lifshitz
Tel Aviv University (currently at CalTech)

Tuesday November 14, 2006
4 PM
MIT- Building E25 (Whitaker College), Room 111

"Lester Wolfe Workshop in Laser Biomedicine: Bio-Optics of DNA"
Prof. Amit Meller
Boston University

Friday October 20, 2006
8 AM
9th Floor Photonics Center

"Biomaterials for Sensors, Implants and Regenerative Medicine"
Prof. Catherine M. Klapperich
Boston University

Monday October 16, 2006
11 AM
901 Photonics

"Carbon Nanostructures in Different Configurations"
Prof. Rod Ruoff
Northwestern University

Friday April 29, 2005
3 PM
ENG Room 245

"Miniature Micro/Nano-Robotics"
Metin Sitti
Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday April 28, 2005
11 AM
Physics Research Building rm 595

"Surface Fluctuations on Polymer"
Prof. Ophelia Tsui
Boston University

Wednesday April 27, 2005
4 PM

"Novel Applications of Nanotechnology in Mature Industries (Joint ECE/CNN/BME Colloquium"
Dr. David Soane

Friday April 22, 2005
2:30 PM
PHO 339

"Infrared Solution-Processed Quantum Dot Devices"
Prof. Edward (Ted) H Sargent
University of Toronto

Thursday March 10, 2005
12 PM

"Carbon Nanotube p-n junction Diodes "
Dr. Ji Ung Lee
GE Global Research

Wednesday February 23, 2005
4 PM
PHO 339

"Nucleation of Defect-free, Monolithic AlSb on Si using Self-Assembled Quantum Dots (Joint ECE/CNN Colloquium)"
Diana Huffaker
University of New Mexico

Wednesday February 16, 2005
4 PM
PHO 339

"Plasmonics: Optical Nanostructures by Rational Design (Joint ECE/CNN Colloquium) "
Prof. Naomi Halas
Rice University

Wednesday February 2, 2005
4 PM
PHO 339

"Surface Plasmon-Optics from 2 to 0 Dimensions: From Stimulated Plasmon Emission to Scattering Near-Field Optics in Optically Anisotropic Samples"
Lukas M Eng
Dresden University of Technology

Wednesday August 18, 2004
1:30 PM
PHO 339

"Dielectric and semiconductor microspheres and silica optical fibers for optoelectronic applications"
Prof. Ali Serpengüzel
Koç University

Monday August 16, 2004
1:30 PM
PHO 339

"Fabrication of Directed Nanowire Networks Through Self-Assembly"
Prof. B. Erdem Alaca
Koç University

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