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Uli Faul

Assistant Professor
Boston University
STO 140B
Office: (617) 358-4341
Email: ufaul



*Rheology of the upper mantle
*Modeling of seismic properties
*Sol-gel olivine
*Electron microscopy 

Professor Faul is interested in processes and properties of the Earth's upper mantle such as melting and melt segregation at mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones, and the flow behavior and seismic properties of upper mantle rocks. He conducts laboratory experiments at high pressures and temperatures to quantify these properties and models the experimental results. He also studies natural mantle rocks drilled from the Mid-Atlantic ridge by the Ocean Drilling Program..

Journal Articles

4.) J. C. Afonso, G. Ranalli, M. Fernandez, W. L. Griffin, S. Y. O'Reilly, and U. Faul, "On the Vp/Vs-MG# correlation in mantle peridotites: implications for the identification of thermal and compositional anomalies in the upper mantle," Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Vol. 289, 2010, pp. 606-618

3.) T. Schroeder, M. J. Cheadle, H. J. Dick, U. Faul, J. F. Casey, and P. B. Kelemen, "Nonvolcanic seafloor spreading and corner-flow rotation accommodated by extensional faulting at 15 degrees N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A structural synthesis of ODP Leg 209," Geochemistry Geophysics, Vol. 8, 28 June 2007, pp. Q06015

2.) U. Faul, and I. Jackson, "Diffusion creep of dry, melt-free olivine," Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 112, No. B4, 12 April 2007, pp. B044204

1.) I. Jackson, U. Faul, J. D. Fitz Gerald, and S. S. Morris, "Contrasting viscoelastic behavior or melt-free and melt-bearing olivine: Implications for the nature of grain-boundary sliding," Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 442, 2006, pp. 170-174

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