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Thomas G. Bifano

Boston University
15 Saint Mary's Street
Boston, MA 02215
Office: 617-353-8908
Email: tgb



*Modeling, desing, and production of MEMS


*Deformable mirrors that iprove resolution in advanced telescope, micrcopes, and opthalmoscopes
*Production of other micro-electro-mechanical systmes

Dr. Bifano directs the Boston University Photonics Center (BUPC), a core facility and academic center of excellence comprised of thirty-five faculty members from seven academic departments, eighty graduate students, and ten staff members. He leads BUPC programs for education, scholarly research and development of advanced photonic device prototypes for commercial and military applications. He oversees a state-of-the-art facility that includes more than a dozen special-purpose and shared research laboratories and a large business incubator.

Dr. Bifano has been a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University since 1988, and was Chair of the Manufacturing Engineering Department from 1999-2006.

Dr. Bifano's research in Mechanical Engineering focuses on modeling, design, production, and use of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) in optical applications, and he has supervised more than forty graduate students in his Precision Engineering Research Laboratory. He is a member of the Center for Space Physics, where his work includes devlopment and launch of space-based instrumentation and a project to launch the first space-based civilian AO system using deformable mirrors developed in his laboratory. He is also a member of the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation, where he helped initiate a Global MS degree program in Manufacturing Engineering, in collaboration with RWTH in Aachen, Germany.
Most recently, he has engineered a class of deformable mirror systems that improve resolution in advanced telescopes, microscopes, and ophthalmoscopes, and that allow modulation of optical wavefronts for communication and speckle reduction.

Dr. Bifano has organized and led international symposia and technical conferences in photonics, precision engineering, and MEMS, has authored more than a hundred publications, and is named as inventor on six patents. He is a founder and CTO of Boston Micromachines Corporation, of Cambridge, MA, a leading producer of deformable mirrors for applications in astronomy, bio-imaging, and defense. His technology has received two R&D100 Awards for innovative product development.

Magazines & News Articles

1.) K. Vigil, Y. Lu, A. Yurt, T. B. Cilingiroglu, T. G. Bifano, M. S. Ünlü, and B. B. Goldberg, "Integrated Circuit Super-Resolution Failure Analysis with Solid Immersion Lenses," Electronic Device Failure Analysis, Vol. 16, No. 2, 1 April 2014, pp. 26-33

Journal Articles

14.) Y. Lu, T. G. Bifano, M. S. Ünlü, and B. B. Goldberg, "Aberration compensation in aplanatic solid immersion lens microscopy," Optics Express, Vol. 21, November 2013, pp. 28189-28197

13.) B. B. Goldberg, A. Yurt, Y. Lu, E. Ramsay, F. H. Koklu, J. Mertz, T. G. Bifano, and M. S. Ünlü, "Chromatic and spherical aberration correction for silicon aplanatic solid immersion lens for fault isolation and photon emission microscopy of integrated circuits," Microelectronics Reliability, Vol. 51, September/October 2011, pp. 1637-1639

12.) S. Cornelissen, P. Bierden, T. G. Bifano, and C. V. Lam, "4096-element continuous face-sheet MEMS deformable mirror for high-contrast imaging," J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS , Vol. 8, No. 3, 2009, pp. 031308

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