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Ophelia Tsui

Associate Professor
Boston University
Associate Professor
590 Commonwealth Ave.
SCI 215
Boston, MA 02215
Office: (617) 358-4669



*Atomic force microscopic nanolithography
*Dewetting of polymer thin films
*Dynamics of polymer thin films
*Liquid crystal alignment on inhomogeneous patterned surfaces

My current research interest comprises various fields of soft condensed matter physics, including dewetting instability of polymer thin films, dynamics of polymer ultra thin films, wetting properties of textured surfaces, surface and frustration induced orientational ordering in polymer films and liquid crystal systems and application of microfluidics in biological studies. As atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a major tool in my research, I am also engaged in the development and application of various AFM techniques such as AFM mechanics, nanotribology and nanolithography.

Journal Articles

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