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Jerome Mertz

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*HiLo microscopy
*Fluorescence Endoscopy
*Differential Aberration Imaging
*Nonlinear Microscopy
*Dynamic Speckle Illumination Microscopy
*Autoconfocal Microscopy
*Graded Field Microscopy

We are a research group (founded in 2003) in the Department of Biomedical Engineering that focuses on developing new microscope technologies for imaging biological tissue. Biomedical Engineering is an unusual field, in that it is defined by its applications rather than its areas of knowledge.  BME researchers are physicists, biologists, chemists, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and mathematicians who all strive to contribute to biology and medicine. Nowhere is multidisciplinary integration more evident than in the Biomicroscopy Lab.  Building a microscope requires knowledge of physics, electronics, and mechanical design.  We must also be familiar with biology and chemistry to understand and prepare the specimens we examine.  Our students arrive with diverse scientific backgrounds, and gain a piece of every part of the BME palette during their studies.

Journal Articles

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