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*Medical applications of optics, lasers and spectroscopy
* Biomedical Optics and Biophotonics
* Biomolecular dynamics
* Applied spectroscopy, especially to biomedical problems
* Nonlinear optics, quantum electronics and laser physics


* Advanced spectroscopic technologies for tissue diagnosis
* Noninvasive measurement of drug concentrations in tissue
* Interstitial laser thermotherapy and photodynamic therapy
* Computational methods for modeling optical transport in tissue
* Multi-capability endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments

The core theme of biomedical optics/photonics is minimally invasive optical diagnostics and therapeutics. The current national trend in health care is a growing emphasis on preventive medicine, early diagnosis, reduced invasiveness of procedures, outpatient procedures - in short, an overall reduction in the cost of providing health care. Minimally invasive techniques address such aims in addition to providing significant patient benefits. Current developments in optical technologies are rapidly increasing the technical options available. Moreover, the ongoing growth in use of endoscopes and laparoscopes in medicine makes this theme very timely.

Journal Articles

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