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Harold S. Park

Assistant Professor
Email: parkhs


Dr. Park's research concentrates on the synergy between computational methods and materials physics, and the advances in the understanding of material behavior that can be possible as a result. For his dissertation research, he worked on multiple scale methods to dynamically couple atomistic and continuum simulations, with application to dynamic fracture modeling. Currently, he is interested in the modeling and simulation of metal nanowires, as well as in using multiple scale methodology to capture surface effects and surface stresses on the mechanical behavior of nanostructured materials such as nanoparticles, nanowires, and quantum dots, and the coupling between mechanics and other physical properties (optical, electrical, thermal).

Journal Articles

5.) A. L. Kitt, Z. Qi, S. C. Remi, H. S. Park, A. K. Swan, and B. B. Goldberg, "How Graphene Slides: Measurement and Theory of Strain-Dependent Frictional Forces between graphene and SiO2," Nano Letters, Vol. 13, 2013, pp. 2605

4.) F. Song, G. L. Huang, H. S. Park, and X. N. Liu, "A continuum model for the mechanical behavior of nanowires including surface and surface-induced initial stresses," International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 48, 25 March 2011, pp. 2154-2163

3.) K. Eom, H. S. Park, D. S. Yoon, and T. Kwon, "Nanomechanical resonators and their applications in biological/chemical detection: nanomechanics principles," Physics Reports, Vol. 503, 16 March 2011, pp. 115-163

2.) S. Jun, T. Tashi, and H. S. Park, "Size dependence of the nonlinear elastic softening of nanoscale graphene monolayers under plan-strain bulge tests: a molecular dynamics study," Journal of Nanomaterials, Vol. 2011, 2011

1.) Z. Qi, F. Zhao, X. Zhou, Z. Sun, H. S. Park, and H. Wu, "A molecular simulation analysis of producing monatomic carbon chains by stretching ultranarrow graphene nanoribbons," Nanotechnology, Vol. 21, 4 June 2010

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