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Amit Meller

Associate Professor
Boston University
Associate Professor
Office: (617) 358-4338
Email: ameller



*Employing nanopore force spectroscopy to study RNA unfolding and re-folding kinetics
*DNA switches and transcription initiation kinetics
*RNA helicases activity
*Mapping of transcription factors interactions with DNA
*Ultra fast DNA sequencing
*Development of novel optical methods for single molecule detection in biomedical applications

Dr. Meller's research is directed toward the development of novel experimental techniques for the study of biomolecular interactions and dynamics, at the single molecule or at the single complex level.

Journal Articles

27.) M. Kim, B. C. Isenberg, J. Sutin, A. Meller, J. Wong, and C. M. Klapperich, "Programmed trapping of individual bacteria using micrometre-size sieves," Lab on a Chip, Vol. 11, 2011, pp. 1089-1095

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1.) T. Tlusty, A. Meller, and R. Bar-Ziv, "Optical Gradient Forces of Strongly Localized Fields," Physical Review Letters, Vol. 81, No. 8, 24 August 1998, pp. 1738-1741

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