CNN Equipment

Lab Manager: Dr. Mario Cabodi

Available Equipment

Klapperich Labs Shared Equipment

Lab Manager: Prof. Catherine Klapperich

Nanoscience Research Facility


  • Scanning E-beam Writer JEOL JSX 6400: (Training,View Schedule)
    Fitted with the Deben beamblanker and Nabity NPGS System for e-beam writing with lateral resolution of 40 nm with the current tungsten filament configuration. Planned modifications in the future include the addition of a X-ray spectrometer, a low-temperature stage and a lanthanum-hexaboride (LAB6) filament configuration for sub-10-nm resolution e-beam writing.

  • Mask Aligner - Karl-Suss MJB-3: (Training, View Schedule)
    Fitted with a UV light source for optical lithography down to a resolution of 5 microns. NRF also has a large collection of e-beam-written 4-inch masks, which include a variety of mesa structures.

  • Surface Profilometer: - Dektak IIA:
    Enables thickness measurements down to 5-nm resolution.

  • Optical Microscope - Zeiss x100

  • Probe Station:
    Contains manual and automatic (robotic) control for electrical continuity checks. Fitted with a sensitive current source (Keithley 2400: 10 nA) and a high-frequency (1 MHz) LCR Meter (HP 4284A).

  • K&S Wirebonder:
    The K&S 484 wirebonder is a mechanical wedge bonder. Fitted with an ultrasonic source, it enables wirebonding of gold and aluminum wires (down to 1 mil (25 micron) diameter) to thin electrical pads.

  • Atomic Layer Deposition System: (Training, View Schedule )
    Savannah 100, Cambridge NanoTech

Materials Processing

Clean-Room with Laminar Flow Hood (For photo-resist, e-beam resist spinning)
Fume Hoods (2) For wet acid etches. (A third fume hood and two additional laminar flow hoods are also available for experiments requiring dedicated hood space).
Edwards Multi-Source Thermal Evaporator Vacuum thermal evaporator for multilayered materials deposition.
High-Purity Thermal Evaporator with Plasma Stripper Homemade Ultra-Pure Thermal Evaporator (for use of 5N gold only), fitted with a home-built in situ plasma cleaner.
Headway Research Spinner For use of e-beam and photoresists.
Multiple Thermodyne Ovens and Ultrasound Cleaners
OAI UV light source for exposure and stripping
Lindberg Tube Furnace (1200o C)
Pelco CPD2 Critical Point Dryer
Home-Built Nitrite/Oxide Sputtering System (not yet completed)
Home-Built Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) System (not yet completed)

Lab Manager: Prof. Raj Mohanty

BME Core Facilities

Micro/Nano Biosystems Fabrication Facilities

Lab Manager: Dr. Ze'ev Feit

Biointerface Technologies Facilities

Lab Manager: Dr. Xin Brown

Micro/Nano Imaging

Lab Manager: Dr. Phil Allen

Whitaker BioMEMS Facility

Class 1000 Clean Room (ERB 712)

Plasma Asher (Oxygen, Argon)
Mask Aligner MA6/BA6 (Suss - 3", 4" wafers)
Ellipsometer (Automatic, 3 wavelengths- Rudolph)
Spinner with 2 Hot Plates (Suss, Delta80 T3)
E-Beam evaporator (Sharon Vacuum, Telemark e-Beamx2 Guns)
PECVD (Oerlikon 790 for low stress growth of SiO2, Si3N4)
Salare wet laminar flow Chemical hood with Sunk in baths (3 Acid, Bases/Developers, 3 solvent, 1 Dump rinse, 1 Ultrasonic)
Semitool Rinse/Dryer (for 3", 4" wafers)

Class 100 Clean Room (ERB 718)

MJB3 Mask Aligner (Suss, 3" wafers)
Dektak 8 Profiler
Zeiss Microscope
SPI Barrel Asher (Small)
Programmable Spinner (+ 2 Hot plates in 8' chemical Hood)
Wet Hood (8')

Lab Managers: Dr. Ze'ev Feit, Prof. Amit Meller

Precision Measurement Laboratory (Schedule)

Materials Property Characterization Equipment

Lab Manager: Ms. Anlee Krupp

Optoelectronic Processing Facility (Schedule)

Lab Manager: Mr. Paul Mak

Integrated Optics Laboratory (Schedule)

Class 100 Photolithography Cleanroom
Bonding Equipment
Alignment Stations
Curing Stations
Test Equipment
Spectroscopy Equipment

Lab Manager: Dr. Helen Fawcett

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